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Dear Members,

Our payment method now is just FaucetHub (Ethereum).

All normal Ethereum withdrawals was cancelled and refunded to each account that make the withdrawal request, the reason we changed our payment method is:

1. Cause the Ethereum Network having some big fee.

2. We got many report of not arrived payments, after a user report then we send his/her payment but it's not good, we are thinking about users that not notice that his/her withdrawal not sent to his/her Ethereum Wallet actually.

3. Manually, if through normal Ethereum payment, it made manually since we still don't have enough knowledge about to send it instantly. We only know instant payment through Coinpayments but it having very big fee.

So from now all payments will be instant but we only have FaucetHub (Ethereum) payment method, we are thinking to reduce the minimum withdrawal as well, possibly will be made in short time. For all members that don't have FaucetHub accout, you may register here:

Regards, Team
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